Townsend Hook – Late Final

Late Final

At last the castings have arrived!  Actually the truth is they’ve been here a few days and I just hadn’t got round to saying anything about it.



Typically, they arrived, or at least tried to arrive on a day we weren’t in which resulted in some delay whilst we got them from  redelivered.  (not really for here but why when trying to lay out a car park do they seem to use a Corgi model to size the spaces?)


Given the length of this saga I was almost scared to open the packet in case it revealed another problem but, no, not this time. The castings are superb and we now have enough for 30 sets.  Some of them will eventually become available as separate parts once we’ve got the initial orders for Townsend Hook delivered.

Annie has now turned 14 bags of 3o castings into 30 bags of 14 castings ready to go in 29 kits. One set is on my workbench as I build a loco from all the production parts to finish the instructions and to take the photos for the instructions.

My aim is to be shipping the kits ideally by the weekend but, if I don’t achieve that, using the weekend to pack them for shipping at the very start of next week.

The instructions in the kit will be fairly basic as by an large assembly is obvious. There will be some notes on material handling and how to work with the resin printed parts. Whilst their may be one or two pictures of the prototype I suspect that a lot of the models will be built with freelance names, as our Sir Jasper example, and rather than the cost of printing lots of pictures people don’t want there will be a reference to an online resource of the the photos taken when both engines were at Tywyn.


There are plenty of bodies printed and ready for packing.




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