NGG16 Valve Gear Parts

BackgroundBackwoods Miniatures produced a 009 model of a generic NGG16. As with pretty much anything that is generic it wasn’t a good model of anyone of them in particular. There were issues like the bunkers being welded bunker shaped but covered in rivets and each axle having the same shaped cranks instead of the different shape on each axle of a bogie.  Designed for 009 the level of detail was probably fine.

Now, when drawing artwork by hand for etching the norm is to draw it many times the size you intend to produce and then photo reduce it. The point of this is to reduce the errors caused by manual drawing – a wiggly line at 6 x finished size becomes smooth when reduced to the size it is to be used at.  Due to the limitations of their camera equipment and an intention to produce 4mm scale models the artwork for the NGG16 was drawn to 8mm/foot and reduced by half to 4mm.

Fast forward to the decision to produce a 7mm scale kit. Now the reduction is only from 8m to 7mm/ft, errors abound, etch fold lines are too wide and details easily represented by flat etched metal in 009 now lack substance

Fast forward a bit more – I have one or two of these kits to build for myself, but you know where these end up in the life of a professional model maker, so nothing was happening. Then a customer asked me to do theirs and the project started that created these castings as I started to make a proper job of the model. For various reasons the customers project was cancelled, and I never finished the installation.

Enter Nick Dunhill

As I posted images of what I was doing to my blog or in my newsletter Nick asked me if I had spare castings for the loco that you have seen him build on various forums. Nick’s build has resulted in a number of requests for copies of the castings.

Castings For Sale

I never intended or designed these for mass production. Some of the parts such as the valve guides can’t be produced by the master/mould/wax/casting method and have to be produced by the printed wax method – which is more expensive. If I were to apply max sales b/s I’d say they were produced to gain the maximum resolution and fidelity possible.

The Offer

This will probably be a one time offer to get as many castings done as are ordered by the 30th September 2019. With delivery about a month later – subject to Shapeways deliveries.

What you will get.


Six casting sprues than make up four sets of valve gear as shown
Sprue 1 –  has the motion brackets, valve guides and eccentric rods on it.

You will get two of these

Sprue 2 –  has the valve rods, Combination levers and union links on it.

You will get two of these

There may be a possibility that Sprue 1 & 2 are combined in which case you will get two of the combined sprue

Sprue 3 –  has the support arms for the expansion links on it. There are more than you need in one sprue

You will get one of these

Sprue 4 –  has four revised expansion links on it.

Nick highlighted his poor mental state and rash decision making by wanting to make the motion reversible and he fabricated parts to add the side bearing trunions. Since he built his I have altered the drawings and had them cast.

You will get two of these

 In addition – I will ream the holes through the valve spindle guides to 2mm (as I made a tool to hold them). I will also supply four lengths of 2mm tube and four of the handrail knobs used to make the joints on the end.

If time allows (consider this a free additional offer if it happens) I will bore the tubes for the handrail knows and solder them in.

Project Update

Since this project was announced there have been some developments.

  • There are some spare sets for sale – delivery still November
  • After that it should be possible to do them to order – approx 1 month lead time
  • What you get has changed slightly as we’ve worked with Shapeways to maximise the parts on each sprue. All for one end of the loco is on one sprue so you’ll get two like this

To order a set  please follow this link 


Below are some images of the parts I worked on