Our kit instructions are going online. Why?

A number of reasons. Cost and size is one, advancing technology is another but an ambition is to make them more comprehensive, able to be amended  and expanded if needed. Until recently our more involved kits came with a CD due to the comprehensive collection of build and prototype photos included. More and more devices these days though don’t have a CD drive.  I did a bit if research into reverting to written instructions in a booklet and found that it would add about 20% to the cost. This though suffered again from being a done once and not capable of being revised.

The Darjeeling B class page below is an example of where I want to go with this. At the moment that bulk of that kits instructions are provided on a CD and haven’t changed and would take quite an effort to change but we have new gears and soon, probably, a new motor. Follow the link and you’ll see a revised gearbox assembly and pictures of one actually being built.

Instruction listing: