THE BRYMSTON RR -Episode 6 (I’ve started)

Well, its taken long enough but I have started.

Slightly gung ho and ahead of detailed planning I decided to cut wood. My thinking was this. I have been procrastinating the design of this for ages and have not actually done anything physically and for maintaining my own interest I felt I needed to do something with actual material on the layout.

I refer you to the Plan B plan adjacent. This plan is a plan view. Its 2D and doesn’t show any changes in height. (I’ve been messing with 3D printers too long as I first type the `changes in the Z axis’).  I really want to have different parts of the layout at subtly different heights really. This really reflects that when you build something as big as a railroad you rarely get a large dead flat area. That’t the reality, on the model I don’t want the layout to look like its on a flat piece of plywood.

In the plan point A enters the board at datum plus 2mm. This might yet get increased to +4 or +6. Form their the line climbs from the left hand road of that turnout  to just before the second turnout on the route. Its actually plain track because line B has been deleted. At that point it flattens out at datum +25mm and remains flat to the end of the line.

The line that kicks back towards G is held flat until clear of the turnout and then climbs to datum +40mm which it reaches about where the G is on the plan.  From there to the end of the board its flat. The flat areas are intended so that freight cars put there stay put and its also the best place for coupling and uncoupling.

Construction started with a sheet of 4mm ply I had. This was laid on the boards and marked out using a couple of models and some 0n3 flex track.  The profile was cut out with my recently refurbished bandsaw. I just wish I had noticed that the dust collector pipe had pulled out.

Whilst at it with the saw I cut up an old softwood drawer from to make the stand offs for the raised sections. Other bits of MDF were cut to make thinner shims and offcuts of the ply made joiners for the larger bits of ply.

Its all just been screwed together for now.

Right so the end of Sunday – ie Dinner and time for some festering in front of the TV – it looks like this.

The ply raised surface is temporarily screwed to the spacers which shows the height differences. More supports will be added, particularly ones custom cut to support the sloping sections. The ones near the turnout at the top of the grade will  be left loose until the point is built as there will be an operating mechanism to install and you know Mr Sodde and his laws would result in the inevitable if I glued them down.



First picture shows the raised siding that will be behind the shed.

I haven’t decided if the drop will be wall, sloping embankment or just the back of the shed. I’ll have to wait and see how the shed plan turns out.


The other end has a flat area which will have some further increase in Z above rail level when I decide what is happening.

The siding may be a dead end or it may be another way off this module to the `rest of the world’


Finally for this evening is a couple of shots with some track and rolling stock placed on the layout to give some idea of context







The problem now is that I have my modelling mojo back and I want to crack on with it but tomorrow is a work day. Alright for those with forced separation from their layouts but this is also my workplace. Its going to take some effort to leave it alone.


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