THE BRYMSTON RR -Episode 5 (a name at last)

(up to this point on the forum the layout had no name)

The layout with no name, has a name, I think…….

The Brymston Railroad.

Its bugged me since I started this that I didn’t have a name for it. I always fancied a name like Updah, amusing and with a life of its own but I couldn’t think of one and when I did think of one there was a reason it had come to mind, someone had already done it.

Then I got to thinking, well, reading and I was in the tiled reading room. The book in hand was Slow Trains Down South by Mallory Hope Ferrell. [incidentally, I only have volume 1, if anyone has a vol 2 they’d like to part with let me know]In it there are loads of shortlines that ran all sorts of odd services that ran out of habit more than demand.  One caught my eye, The Brimstone Railroad. It ran Shays, I hauled lumber and stone and the crunch for me was there was a picture of the two shays stood outside the loco shed.

I’m not building a model of a prototype just looking for ideas and all the best ones are stolen, or someone has had them first. I just want a credible back story to somewhere to run my geared locos.  I looked up Brimstone in a thesaurus and when you got past all the film references there were some alternative spellings and the anglicised version is Brymston.

So, now we have the Brymston Railroad which is a subsidiary of the Brymston Railroad and Navigation Company. Other subsidiaries are Brymston Logging Company and the Brymston Mining Company.

I now need to decide a name for the location of the loco facilities modelled. Given the thesaurus let on that the German derivative of Brimstone is Bernstein that might have to be the name. For some reason Bernstein Wharf appeals apart from the fact that its not very American, I suppose there it would be Bernstein Landing but even then, I have no plans to add any form of wharf or landing.

Where did my line run? Well, like the real thing probably from Sulfur to Brimstone, probably with branches to Hell and Damnation with the never built extension to Sodom and Gomorrah

In February 2019 Two alternative slants on the same news emerged.

V1.     Evil multinational corporation raids embryonic railroad funds leaving the Brymston Railroad coffers depleted leading to concerns for its future. Railroad management seeks to assure customers and employees that all is well and that the current cash flow crisis is short term.

V2.         The Brymston Railroad is delighted to announce an addition to its loco roster through good offices of noted auction house Echo Bay of San Jose, California. The new locomotive will serve the Railroad for a good many years. Concern has been raised regarding the financial state of the RR but management has assured interested parties that whilst there may be some short term deferral of other capital projects the RR is on a sound footing.

The truth is that if you’re flogging stuff on eBay to finance your new model you really shouldn’t do searches to see what’s for sale. However when you find a seller that doesn’t know his 0n3 from his 0n30 its to your advantage

The Brymston Railroad has acquired, on very favourable terms, a 40 ton Class B Climax manufactured by The Car Works. Delivered to the Railroad today it has undergone initial trials on the extensive one yard of our main line and appears to be very satisfactory.

Film may emerge later of the test runs but for now there will be a few more trials to evaluate the new acquisition and decide what adaptations may be required for Brymston RR service.  It will almost certainly be converted to an oil burner as the RR is trying to phase out other fuels because of the fire risk. Modern lighting and a turbo generator are likely addition. The loco is already air braked which is a saving. It will gain sound and control modifications in due course.

Well, that has got the Brymstone RR blog up the point we left off on the forums a year ago. I’d better go and do something to the layout so as to create some new content


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