THE BRYMSTON RR -Episode 4  (first contact)

Well, the layout with no name went to its first show on Saturday which was all a bit fraught as on Thursday morning there was no track on it.  Truth be told it went more as a display shelf but a versatile one.

A single point was made and then a length of PSC code 83 flex track added. It was a versatile layout being either DC or DCC as the only connections were by crocodile clip so it was easy to swap.

Actually, none of the track is going to stay where it is. The point was the first one made with the fast track jigs and is best considered a practice for getting my eye in. As is often the case I end up making two of things as the first one just tells me how I want to do better with the second one!

I am currently scheming ideas as to how to build the turnout in the jig on the PCB ties, then add temporary gauging strips on top so I can remove the PCB’s ties and spike the track down to all wooden ties.  If this were an extensive layout I wouldn’t bother and just slap some paint and camouflage on the copper. That may well happen on the ties at the rear of the layout or the one behind the shed but the ones near the front are I think worth the effort. A better tie bar design is fermenting in my head at the moment too.

A length of dual gauge track was also nailed to the front of the board just to display some 16.5mm gauge items and, bizarrely, a bit of H0/H0n3 dual gauge was the first bit to hand. On the way from York to Derby it was just pinned but, on the way, back it had added blue tack.  I didn’t pin right to the end and on the way there in the car it kept going boooinggg!!! like you used to do with a ruler on a desk at school. It was getting right on our wick!

You will also recall that the purpose of this layout is to provide an exercise ground for my geared loco collection which has previously just sat on display shelves. In the last-minute nature of this commitment to take the layout to the 7mm NGA open day I got three shays off the shelf and all of them decided to throw a tantrum. One went to the show. One got a repair started that wasn’t complete in time and the third needs a new gear sourcing so is a longer term casualty.

The one that got fixed but not in time has just had a test run. The loco has a Grandt drive in which a gear head motor points down through the floor with the male part of a UJ on the motor shaft. This bit is Delrin and it used to be a press fit but it had relaxed. The torque involved was too much for Dr Mikes glue, so the fix used slow setting araldite. I cross drilled the Delrin part and then roughed up the shaft with a cutting disk to give a key, smothered it in glue, pressed the Delrin on making sure glue extruded out the holes, wiped the surplus off and set it aside to harden. The theory is that even if the glue doesn’t bond to the Delrin its now effectively a keyed fit. I’ll leave you with a video of its test run.

Incidentally all the track laid for this outing has been lifted as it was just thrown down for the day



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