THE BRYMSTON RR -Episode 2 (belatedly)

Well, I don’t know what to say. More than a year since I added anything to the layout theme here on the blog. Truth is not a lot has happened but I didn’t even finish the bringing things up to date as of  a year last February.

I’d better put that right, at least with the catch up to where we were on the forums with Episode 2.

OK, so having identified where the module is going to go there was a small problem. It was a flat surface, so it was naturally covered in Junk. A major tidy up was required to prepare for construction.

For the scenic part of the layout/diorama/module I ordered a 152cm x 45cm Scenic/photo plank kit from Tim Horn Baseboards. The attraction of this was that it meant it came with both an back board and a valance/frame or whatever you call it. This would mean that it would create a frame that supported lighting effects for the layout but it would also frame the view out of the surrounding view of my cluttered work room.

I could already see a potential issue with having a layout which presented a large flat surface just as you walked in the room carrying something you needed to put down. I had a plan for this but I still haven’t enacted it and its since come back to bite me as you’ll see in following episodes.

I have to say that the baseboard kit went together beautifully. I have done boards by other manufacturers and had do all sorts of trimming and fitting work to get them together. Not with this one.

It went together really easily and just with glue. You can see it here without the front pelmet fitted. Whilst it will frame it nicely once there is a model on there its going to get in the way whilst some of the more civil engineering parts of the build go on.

The only additional thing I have done is to add some location blocks to the worktop. As the board sits on top of a flat worktop there was a tendency for it to slide away from you if you lean against it which you sort of inevitably do when trying to work towards the rear. The blocks just stop this.

The other development for the structure of the layout has been to add LED lighting to the pelmet. This is in the form of the LED tapes you can buy that you just trim to length and are self adhesive on the back.

Its lit and just laid on the board in this view.

It consists of three stripe of LED’s stuck with their own adhesive on the inside face of the pelmet. There are two strips of daylight white and one strip of warm white. This seems to give a good balance of light in the bright but with a bit of warmth thrown in. At the moment they are just on or off but there is the scope to balance the colours using dimmers that I don’t have plugged in at the moment. At the moment its powered by the supplied 12v plug top adaptor but as the layouts electrics develop it will get incorporated into the portable power supply


The lighting works nicely and that has been part of the downfall to layout progress as it provided a perfect studio for model photography.

As well as getting back on with the layout I have also built a replacement lit scene for photos of models.

That will do for episode 2. Episode 3, along shortly, will discuss layout ideas.





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