Sad News and Grim times all round.

Well, it has been a weird old start to the year.

Sad News

First comes the sad news that the model railway fraternity have lost a stalwart with Covid19 claiming Graham Jones. That name probably won’t mean a lot to most, but his business might. Northampton Model Railway supplies, or NMRS for short, supplied a lot of detail parts and kits in a variety of scales but mostly in 0.  Lots of other kits out there by other manufacturers included NMRS parts or had parts cast for them because Graham was a master of the whitemetal casting art.

I last spoke to Graham in November when he was his usual buoyant self just getting back to producing stuff after a cataract operation. Apparently, he got Covid19 and ended up in hospital and passed away on 16th January.  He leaves a partner Eve.

He was another one man band but there are some friends sorting out his business affairs. It will affect some of my kits as Graham cast the whitemetal parts for my Agenoria range of loco kits.

Brexit – The gift that keeps giving.

There seems to be no end to the delights this is bringing. For a small business like mine its having affects that neither our Government nor the EU will give a damn about but it’s a big thing for me.

  • First delight is a supplier of parts that get used in my kits based in Germany has declined to supply my parts with “we no longer ship to the UK because of the new VAT rules”.
  • Second is 29 days into this debacle I’ve not had a single order from an EU customer instead of the usual, approx. 15% of my business.
  • A customer trying to return something with the couriers trying to charge VAT in both directions, plus their ransom (fee) when he used to pay nothing.

Hopefully someone will come up with a plan but how many of will still have a business when they do may not be many

Well, that was all a bit glum so I’ll leave this post there and do another more cheerful one soon.

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