Progress With the Fiddly Bits

I said I would do updates on progress with the Townsend Hook kit as it gets closer and closer to the 7mm NGA Convention.

Here is the latest news:

Test prints of all the parts that will be brass castings have been completed in standard resin.  These are shown to the left and I have sprayed them yellow so that they look a bit brassy.  They are still on the printers support frames in this first picture.

Next part of the plan was to use these to dress up a body with these parts.

There is a nest of piping that connects all the cab valves together which will be easier to install when they are done in brass. The resin, particularly on that Christmas tree of a cab valve, is quite fragile.

Townsend Hook has Salter balance safety valves now whilst William Finlay has pop valves. There will be castings for both varieties in the kit.

In another example of me not knowing when to quit the loco has clear glass for its single gauge glass!

The firebox print has holes in it and there will be a bit of clear plastic in the kit to represent the glass. (Its actually a small bit of fibre optic)

Now I have hideously enlarged the image I can see I should have added handles for the top and bottom cocks on the gauge glass!

Now, while I pack the car for Doncaster Show, the printer is on with producing the waxes for the castings


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