Near Death Experience Opens the Eyes

indexWhat started as an ache in the shoulder and put down to sitting awkwardly whilst packing orders on Friday 26th September turned into a fun night with a paramedic and then a swift ambulance trip to York District Hospital.

From where I was laying it seemed that they were playing a game of “guess what’s wrong with him” and only went back to investigate a some of them once they had got down to the really silly suggestions.  Their initial guess was heart attack and they were on about shipping me off to Leeds but then they decided it was more likely to be pulmonary embolism [PE]


Anyway after 7 hours on a trolley in A&E I was finally admitted to the acute medical ward and then later moved to another ward which despite me being a medical patient was a surgical ward.

Anyway to cut a long story short I was treated for a PE with clot thinners and dissolvers and eventually given a CT scan to see if it was sorting itself out. One theory is that as some long term swelling on my right calf has just radically changed some crap from an old clot has come lose and then got stuck elsewhere.

The treatment worked quite quickly with normal service at least superficially restored in about 24 hours. What this meant of course was that I was in hospital feeling OK and bored out of my mind. Some serious reading filled some of the time but a saviour was (and I never thought I’d say this) was 10603843_10152377502660205_3529710875076813013_oFacebook. First up it let me keep in touch with friends but it also allowed an outlet for some creative writing which some say should have been written up as a comedy on the TV. Its all still on FB so I am not going to repeat it here apart from one item. As the boredom set in and escape seemed to be being frustrated by and NHS arse and elbow misalignment I noticed that the socks Annie had brought in for me to wear on Wednesday were actually marked Wednesday.

I declared these were my “escape socks” and still awake a 00:51 declared they had 23 hours and 9 minutes validity remaining. I was able to declare that the “escape socks” worked with 4hrs and 25mins to spare. I was back the following day as an outpatient though


10440678_10152388869055205_3255564055943096488_nI was sent home to rest and when I laughed I was told to, basically, “waste a week”.  With the help of some friends that has proved to be quite successfully achieved with an afternoon out in Wetherby and a day spent just riding trains with a trip up to Newcastle, then lap or so of the Metro, a ride on the ferry and the odd bit of refreshment.

10447611_10152388907870205_3802771896577791652_nThe ferry ride was bracing so it was lucky there was respite at with one of these waiting at the end of it

10408014_10203531370622671_2165096766881610957_nThe journey back to York in the First Class of a XC Voyager was OK but with no on board catering until Leeds. Luckily for us whilst I was leaving the service at York and my mate had to go all the way to Derby there was a break of journey at the Station Tap in York where they had these.

The week will be finished off with a trip to the Ffestiniog Railway Victorian weekend where its going to seem weird to be a spectator and not part of the cast

The Future

Well, the last couple of weeks has proved a bit of an eye opener and has changed my outlook on life.  There is certainly going to be more doing stuff I want to do and less doing stuff for others. In the short term things are going to take longer to complete and, if that doesn’t suit some people, they’ll be looking for someone else to do their work.  Longer term I can see me being a lot more choosy about the work I take on but we’ll have to see how it pans out.

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