Narrow Gauge North 2020

It is with great reluctance and a heavy heart that I have decided that EDM Models won’t be attending Narrow Gauge North on Saturday.

Having had a bad dose of bog standard flu recently, which I am still getting over, it’s had the effect of allowing normally dormant underlying conditions to flare up that have taken strong antibiotics to beat back into submission. At the moment my lungs are still below par, and I have an irritating cough.

Today’s advice to isolate if you have a cough means that as well as being at risk, I would be constantly explaining it’s not “that” cough.

In addition, my other half, Annie, works at St Leonard’s Hospice where they have been asked to take extra precautions and are taking steps to mitigate the risk of importing the disease to vulnerable patients. It doesn’t seem right to expose myself to risk that I could pass on.

All that adds up to the decision not to attend being the right one even if it doesn’t sit well with me. I have had a long conversation with the organisers this evening to arrive at this decision and I wish them well for the day. Plagues and pestilence permitting we’ll be at the 2021 show.

By way of a compensation to us not being at the show order from our website on the 14th and use the code


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  • Cant be used with other coupons
  • Applies to UK orders only


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