Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I couldn’t come up with a more imaginative title for the first post of 2021. Here we are 17 days in and 19 days since the last post so from the blog it looks like nothing has been happening. This isn’t true, the only thing that hasn’t been happening is me writing this blog.

Quite a few things have been progressing whilst a few others have been stymied by a bit of maintenance that is taking way too long.

Item one has been the production of some silver soldered vee’s for a friend & customer. They were produced using the jigs and resistance soldering techniques as described in this blog post

When I did some for my own layout in that blog post I was just keen to sort out something I could use and too see if the resistance soldering method worked with silver solder.

This time round I have put a bit of effort in to sorting the repeatability of cutting, filing and soldering to get consistency with the end product.

Next up was a long awaited package from Iain at San Pareil Investment Casting that Christmas & New Year delayed .

These are cast nickel silver rods and fly cranks to upgrade the Bachmann 0n30 Gas Mechanical. These along with some final drive gears made in brass eliminate all the Bachmann plastic parts that are prone to splitting. I also plan a re-motor and sound install.

This is a little project that has been simmering because I have three of these locos all with issues. I am not sure this will become a commercial option as, whilst it will make a super running loco that’s a bit different to the bog standard product I doubt the final price will be a commercially acceptable one.

The last product and the other shiny thing out of the back were these castings in Nickel Silver & Brass.

The rods are in Nickel Silver whilst the cranks are in brass.

The NS has a more unpredictable shrinkage than the brass on a component where accuracy is required for the rod centres. These will be jig drilled on a fixture for my milling machine that I have got part built.

These parts are for my project to fit new cranks and rods to the Bachmann Whitcomb Bo-Bo diesel described here

Now, the thorn in my side. (or pain in the knee). Twenty odd years ago when we extended the house and I won the large would be bedroom as my model room it was floored with a big roll of vinyl flooring which, to be fair, has lasted well. In the same room where I now have three work areas (each for different tasks) I also have an office chair of the sort on castors. What has been obvious for awhile is that the people putting the floor down only taped it to the chipboard in a few places and along the join down the centre of the room.  The chair has rolled ridges into the floor and then it pulled the join down the centre up and turned it into a trip hazard.

I am currently gluing the floor down with a vinyl adhesive, rolling out the ridges and, in places heating it with a heat gun to make it pliable.  There are two problems with this. The first is that, were this a bedroom, you’d shift all the furniture and do it in one. Its not. My layout and works stuff is built in on top of the vinyl. The result is musical junk for the bits that can move whilst working up to the fixed items.  The second problem is that my wonky leg really limits the time I can spend on my knees so it has been a very slow process.

It is now nearly done and for the duration its made it virtually impossible to get any modelling done. In the best tradition of these things its nearly done but with the last thing I have to move it will get significantly worse before it gets better!

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Railway room floor covering: yes at my previous house the carpet developed a hole in the center and to replace or repair it was a nightmare. New house has a laminate floor no problems!
    Stub point: About 40 years ago I made a 3 way stub point(the FR one) with white metal frogs! It did work but I had to make a 3 position switch with phosphor bronze wipers to get the polarity correct, in all not a very good idea!

    • To be fair the floor has done 20+ years. My three way is on a DCC layout and the frogs will have frog juicers on them which sorts the polarity as the trains pass over it.

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