First Steam of the Year – Beamish 10/06/21

What with all this Covid19 stuff and not being very well I’ve not played with any steam larger than my garden railway stuff since October last  year.  That got fixed on Friday 10th June 2021 with two engines in steam on the narrow gauge and a standard gauge contraption nearby.

The time the museum has been closed has turned our industrial narrow gauge line a even more of a scene of post industrial decay


Samson was in steam for some tests after a couple of modifications and because we could. Samson is definately in the realms of “contraption”

My job for the day was driving Glyder with a friend Chris as fireman/shunter and the planned work could best be described as leave no wagon unmoved.  In slightly more detail, its been an ambition to make more use of the narrow gauge and improve public access. As its stands its not very accessible and at events there is a lot of work with rope and stakes to put up temporary fences. Thanks to a grant contractors were to start the following week putting in some permanent fencing. Naturally, all the wagons were parked where the contractors needed to be.

Because there were only enough of us to run the trains we didn’t get any pictures of the wagons being shunted but did manage a few photo opportunities. Here I am driving Glyder having just dropped the wagon at the far end for a passing coal delivery. 

We posed Glyder with the museums new disabled access bus. This is a restored Crossville bus with access modifications. They were posed together on the tenuous link that that they may have been in the same post code in North Wales at some time. (probably before post codes were invented)

At one point we had all the days toys together as Coffee Pot came to join the picture but I wasn’t quick enough and Samson moved before i got a picture of them all

Whilst they were manoeuvring to get the photos they wanted from the footplate there was a very Titfield Thunderbolt view

Once all the moves were done it was getting late afternoon and as we were heading back to put Glyder away the sun had got round to make some other views.  I call these last two pictures “Narrow Gauge Charm of Yesterday” if you know the Ivo Peters book of the same name you will understand why.

Now if only I could find where I put my copy of the book

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5 thoughts on “First Steam of the Year – Beamish 10/06/21

  1. glad you have been able to get a F.R.Fix in at last hope more to come before end of year also compliments on the “rural landscape “views very run down feeling of n.g lines on their last legs but glad this is only a setup was able to see Sampson a couple of years ago when a guest at Richmond Lt Rly definitely a contraption as were the two “coaches ” with it that day rather Alice in wonderland style
    pl keep up the good work with E.D.M. look forward to seeing u at Burton in oct

  2. Glad you’ve got out to play at last.

    The last two photos do look rather like early revival Talyllyn or the Whipsnade Safari Railway in the 70’s which always seemed to be driving through knee deep grass.

    • It struck me as similar idyllic scenes as the cover pictures (rear cover I think) of the Ivo Peters book Narrow Gauge Charm of Yesteryear. Annoyingly my copy is in hiding.

  3. My first view of the Crosville – a real beauty, very well perfect!

    I’m unifying a Solido Renault Paris Bus [Solido] with a Lima Cl 33 to poduce a Railbus in the style of FC Andean Railbus / SR&RL RR railbus in 0n scale.

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