Darjeeling B Class 0-4-0

B_extractedOur kit for the Darjeeling B Class 0-4-0 is the third kit from the partnership between EDM Models and CME. This one has been our fastest seller and features all the lessons learnt in producing our Linda/Blanche/Charles (LBC) kit and then Merddin Emrys.

Much more of this kit has been designed using 3D design and printing techniques which seems to have been reflected in the speed of construction as the kit was released in October 2013 and we have already seen several completed examples. By Comparison it took almost 3 years for completed LBC kits to start appearing.

The aim here is to feature additional information about building the kit and, hopefully, showcase some examples of completed models. Ordering for the kits is on our main website here   and there is a selection of files and folders here

Several completed models have now appeared and I have pictures of them in the gallery section which can be found here

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