Getting a Life

Once upon a time I had a hobby………

That hobby was model railways and I built models I wanted for myself in my spare time. Sometimes I worked all the spare hours on a project and at others I could leave it alone for weeks. Then it became a small side line business that took a small amount of my spare time whilst I still did “the day job”. Inevitably it grew to take every waking moment when not at work.

Just over four years ago the day job offered me the ultimatum of “move to London or you’re redundant”. Easy one that, we parted company and EDM Models became “the day job.” Foolishly I thought that I could do what I was doing and also have a life in the space the `work’ used to fill but, no, EDM Models grew to fill all the available space and time.

Then a conversation along these lines occurred. “Do you fancy going out to X or Y on Saturday?” said the other half. “No, I’ve got this or that to finish” Says I. “Typical, we never go anywhere or doing anything these days!”

She’s right we don’t!

That simple exchange has prompted a bit of a rethink. If this is to be my `job’ even if doing my hobby as my job is supposed to be seventh heaven it’s got to have the structure of a proper job. So for the rest of this summer (2014) our opening hours are Monday to Friday only unless we are at an exhibition. Work will be done Monday to Friday be it retail sales, custom building or DCC and Sound installs. There will be no more ruining a weekend trying to get jobs finished. There is also likely to be a bit more selectivity in the jobs we do take on.

As if that wasn’t enough I get this offer, “do you want to come and play with this engine on a completely new railway?”


You’d think that would be an easy one too wouldn’t you but no. Sorry can’t do that weekend I am stuck at an exhibition (that is a best marginal).   Well this is going to be an annual event so you’ll have to come next year. Looks like EDM Models won’t be at Guildex in 2015

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Just when you thought you had covered everything

EDM Models Newsletter

Just when you thought you had covered everything…

Someone comes up with another format to learn. First off we introduce a new newsletter format which takes some head scratching to figure out. One of the consequences of this is that its narrow format, used so it shows up phones and tablets, is a bit restrictive when it comes to adding any articles actually about modelling.

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