A New Loco is Born

If getting the frames are the parent/birth of a loco then I guess that means I have started a new project and Jack is born.

The full story isn’t quite as simple as that.

In 2015 Brian Wilson wrote a series of articles about producing a 7/8 scale model of Hunslet locomotive Jack which was built for John Knowles Metal Box Limited of Ashby de la Zouch who made firebricks.

The articles aimed to produce a model based on Roundhouse parts with other bits fabricated as required. The articles caught the imagination because a range of castings to replace the fabrications plus other etched part (Cab) were produced by third parties. I have always liked these loco’s and the very similar locos produced for munitions factories and used on the Sand Hutton Light Railway and I was enthused enough to decide that one day I would build one. That is usually the kiss of death for a project but then an act of chance occurred. Someone like me had decided to build one but they had gone a bit further and acquired many of the parts. They then went a bit further, decided they would never get round to it and offered the parts for sale. I pounced and thus got most of the third party parts for less than cost and then didn’t have to chase around multiple suppliers to get them. They were put away safely awaiting the day. Luckily Jack is still with us and currently lives with the Statfold Collection.

That wasn’t the end of it! An outing to the Roundhouse Factory open day with friends from Beamish three (I think) years ago found a stall selling off parts they had supplied to a builder who had passed away. I hadn’t gone with the intention of buying anything but there was the boiler needed at a very advantageous price, as new, and with all its certificates. A whip round amongst the group was held and a boiler acquired. That was put away for when the day came but it still wasn’t a loco.

Next was a chance comment from a customer that revealed that Model Engineers Laser was closing down. One of the third party suppliers that stepped up was MEL and instead of getting Roundhouse frames and modifying them they did a laser cut set with all the mods done. Better still they did them all welded up thus sorting the assembly.  I had talked to MEL when I got the boiler and intended to get the frames when I started so the news they were closing caused a bit of panic.  (they aren’t now closing, its changing hands).

A quick e-mail elicited that I wasn’t too late, was just in time and that they could do me a set. They arrived yesterday so now Jack is born

The pedants amongst you will note that so far I have built nothing and have just been shopping. There is a bit more shopping to do as cash allows but Jack is born.


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