Here is a problem #1. I am a poorly disciplined messy bugger. By that I mean that I put things down intending to put them away later but never get round to that putting away part.

I am fortunate enough to have what Annie tells me would be the master bedroom if we were selling (we’re not) as it’s the biggest as my model room. I always envisaged filling it with a large 0n3 layout but inevitably most of the space has been taken over with workstations for EDM Models business.

The desire to get something done layout wise resulted in the modular approach to the Brymston RR as described in these blog posts. If the layout grows further, it will probably be in the form of connected modules.

Here is a problem #2. The layout is immediately on your left as you enter my model room and currently presents a large flat surface not unlike a shelf.

Consequence: The layout is inevitably covered in stuff I carried up stairs and needed to put down. Clearing it up just makes it available for the next load of stuff I need to put down.

As I get on to track laying this has to change!

Result: The layout now has a removeable Perspex screen on the front and the exposed end.

The Brymston RR doing a shelf impression

For the initial installation the Perspex has had two keyhole type slots cut in it and it hangs on two screws poking out of the pelmet. I think this may well develop in to a magnet based solution as the screws sticking out are bound to attack a passing shoulder.

Future: The Perspex came wrapped in two sheets of thin plywood of the same size so I am currently doodling using them to make an easily removeable peaked roof. Peaked because a flat one would just be a higher shelf

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