The named layout

It’s done. It’s named.

After the last post discussing applying a name and how to do it things moved very quickly.

Posting the blog to the NGRM forum came up with a few suggestions as to how to do it and the one I went with was a recommendation to use Vinyl Lettering Online UK.

A quick visit late that same night with the intention of ‘just having a look’ turned into an order and two days later the lettering turned up with postie.

Two of the inmates

A quick burst of painting the surround black prepared for adding the lettering. It is one of those jobs you start with considerable trepidation and then wonder what all the fuss was about.

The lettering comes as a sheet, mine was rolled in a tube. On the layout you lay it out and get it all lined up securing it in place with masking tape in several places. You then remove the tape at one end and peel the backing away. Then you press the remaining tape down firmly on to your surface. You do need to press firmly with a hard tool to make sure that the lettering sticks to your surface. You can see a subtle change in colour as it is pressed firmly. You then peel the front tape away making sure it leaves the lettering behind. If it starts to lift a letter changing the angle you pull at sorts that. With the front tape off you’re left with your lettering properly aligned and spaced. Probably as a hang over from using press down transfers I put a sheet of plain paper over the letters and gave them another firm press.

Job Done


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