A very brief update this one and a request for suggestions on how to do something.

Following on from yesterday’s Perspex screen post it got me thinking about the presentation of the module and the need for its name to be displayed.  When it is all assembled the pelmet gives a front facing depth of 65mm, so, what I envisage is white lettering on painted black background. Letters about 50mm high.

I have been playing with fonts and as it was a mandated font for Railroads to use I was thinking it should be in Railroad Roman.

That said there is some leeway as there were umpteen versions of it with some railroads customising their own version.

A silly bit of me thinks it should be in the D&RGW Flying Grande style

That would be silly as  my D&RGW engines won’t be allowed on this bit of the layout as I doubt they’ll get past the first switch.


I suppose another alternative would be to use a Stencil as things were often lettered with them



My question for you all is how to do the lettering in a professional looking way. That rules out me hand painting it or using stick on house letters as I’ll never get them on straight.


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2 thoughts on “BRYMSTON RR – EPISODE 10 – THE NAME

  1. It should be in the serif face, the Rio Grande logo, though fun, denotes high speed which I assume your locos won’t be attaining?

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