Brymston RR – #14 – Realisations

There hasn’t been much work done at all on the Brymston RR in recent weeks. Once New Year was out of the way work imposed itself once more followed by the great vinyl floor disaster that banished me from the model room. Sorting the vinyl floor disaster took a lot longer to sort than it should have with my bad leg restricting the time I could tolerate crawling around on the floor.

Whilst banished though there have been a couple of “realisation” moments.

First was about the next bit of the layout, more on that in a moment.

The second thing came from watching ancient TV and several episodes of Bob Ross painting lessons.

Watching this made me think

  1. Some of those mountains would look good as the backdrop
  2. Bugger, I’m going to have paint them and I’m no artist
  3. Doing it after the layout is built is going to be a pain
  4. I’d better at least prep for it.

The layout board, as it was until about an hour ago, was a mish mash of surfaces of the bare wood. I had thought that I would put some coating on it as a seal as the scenery is going to involve slopping quite a bit of water about.

Watching Bob made me realise that a primer would be needed as a basis for painting anything arty.

All the wood finish has now had one coat of wood primer on it and it will get a second coat when it has dried.

A Dilemma Moment:  Anyone want to volunteer to paint the backdrop? I have so much to do with the business that I get little time for the layout as it is so do I really have the time to learn to paint backdrops? I know from past experience I am wired up for engineering and technical stuff and have had an “arty” bypass.


If it does come to pass that I fail to find an acceptable fudge and I try painting I do have two layout length pieces of ply that the Perspex front came in as a practice `canvas’


OOH, a cheat: I’m always up for a cheat. This one might be worth a punt. A quick Google reveals ID backscenes with a view of the Rockies!  


Says its for OO but using it in 7mm just means “far away”  doesn’t it (cue – Father Ted clip)



Second Realisation – One Board is Not Enough

Extension Space

When I set out to do the layout as modules I started with module one knowing that it would need at least one more board to provide a fiddle yard but reasoned that could wait. Now the first board has a home a couple of things became apparent: –

  • The fiddle yard was going to be very short or it would have to turn a corner first and,
  • Planning the track on board one I was going to need some idea of what goes on board 2
  • With what I was thinking for board 2 no commercial standard baseboard was going to do.
  • A tidy up was needed!

Where Module 1 sits in the model room its end points at a wall with about 800mm between it and the wall. Option 1 was for a traverser or cassette based fiddle yard which would have worked as, at most it’ll be a loco and a couple of wagons, but the location would cause storage problems. It’s be pretty much in the doorway with no where to put modules down. Option 2 was to use the module to turn the line through 90 degrees which opens up all sorts of other opportunities beyond (and defers a fiddle yard decision)

Some doodling with CAD came up with this

It follows the idea of the Tim Horn baseboard that forms module one and continues the presentation format. It has a dropped front section and a more open deck as I envisage the line being on an embankment and crossing a small bridge before entering a cutting that deepens to a tunnel to exit the scene.

The high level section at the rear allows the high level track to cross from board one. This may yet get cut back to increase the openness of the lower track.

This has all been designed in 3D CAD.

It’s very nearly as I want it. When its finally done I have a macro that spits out a 2D version of each part recognising the material thickness as the 3rd D and discarding it. These flat 2D files will then go to the laser cutter to be zapped.

The laser firm I use are OK on price once you get above their minimum order level so I may progress board 3 and some stuff I need for the garden railway before I place the order. Cash flow just now has been too much ebb and not enough flow so far this month so it may have to wait a bit.

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