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I recently completed one of our Darjeeling B Class kits for a customer and then had it painted and weathered by Chris Clark our usual painter. We are both so pleased with this one that there is a part of both of us that doesn’t want to part with it.

Work of this quality doesn’t come cheap but Chris and I are happy to quote for similar jobs

Below is another B class. This one was built for David John’s Rhyd O14 layout.

Seems everyone is choosing Himalayan Bird as the name for their model but several others are included in the kit

We now have another custom build with an excellent paint job by Chris Clark. This time its 782 Mountaineer

The customer supplied photos of the loco he wanted modelled and we produced the additional embellishments such as the winged decoration on the cylinders and the chimney top.

The customer has some 3D printed figures to populate his loco. Hopefully we’ll get some photos of the populated loco.

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2 thoughts on “B Class Photos

  1. These Models are magnificent, unfortunally min is only in the beginning. Please could You send me the BUILDING INSTRUCTION AGAIN.

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