A cunning plan – thwarted

So, I had this bright idea. Given that a) I have been ill for a couple of weeks and am still a bit lacking in energy and b) Storm Dennis the Menace is imminent and c) EDM Models is at a show tomorrow the bright idea was that I would make an early start on loading the car so that i) I could take my time packing stuff and putting it in the car and ii) I’d get it done before the weather turned foul.

Partly Loaded Volvo

Mission mostly accomplished. Car full, fuller than in this library photo, and its only just started spiting with rain. Just a couple of things to pack tonight to add to the load and stupid O’clock in the morning. Last job was to move the car down the drive ready for the off. (the last storm had a couple of ridge tiles off so I wanted to move it away from the fall out zone in case Denis got started early.

In the car, turn the key, WRrrrrr_____   Nothing! Battery Flat!  Current theory is that because I have been ill I have only gone very short distances a couple of times in the car and that, because its been cold, its had the injector heaters on before starting. Out with the battery charger.

Anyone want to hazard a guess at where the battery is in a Volvo Estate?



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2 thoughts on “A cunning plan – thwarted

  1. Oh dear! As a Volvo estate owner I can sympathise! Took me several years to realise the battery was in the back! Hope you can get the problem sorted and get to the exhibition OK and that your roof survives without anymore damage.

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