Playing Trains – Again

You may think I spend too much time playing trains in Wales but I don’t care! For reasons I will reveal in a future post there is an imperative to do as much as possible this season.

The truth is that with this last winters lockdown and my bad leg playing up and taking an age to get itself sorted again I got a massive dose of CBA (can’t be @rsed) which others might call depression. I was questioning if I wanted to carry on driving or if I could even be bothered. There were other forces at play too.

In the end in a moment of positivity I said yes to a call for a driver to cover three days back in June before I had time to talk myself out of it. I am pleased to say the second of those three days reminded my why I enjoy it.   On that day I had the loco manager with me for my routine, once every three years, practical assessment which I passed with flying colours.

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