Your Printer has Poor Resolution….


I have been told this a few times when sent STL files to print but I know from printing I do for my own kits and for others `in the know”.  I now have an example to hand with the advantage of also having the original drawing to work with so this would be an opportune time to explain.

First up, what’s an STL file. Over to Wikipedia for this bit…………

Granted its a bit tricky to read but if you click on it it’ll take you to the Wiki page. The gist of  it is that it a format for 3D printers and it takes the outer skin of you model and describes it as a series of triangles.  So in your CAD program you save your model with the file extension .stl and you get a faceted version ready to load into your printer.

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First Steam of the Year – Beamish 10/06/21

What with all this Covid19 stuff and not being very well I’ve not played with any steam larger than my garden railway stuff since October last  year.  That got fixed on Friday 10th June 2021 with two engines in steam on the narrow gauge and a standard gauge contraption nearby.

The time the museum has been closed has turned our industrial narrow gauge line a even more of a scene of post industrial decay


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