It’s a stick up

Have you ever wanted to stick something temporarily and had a bad time with double sided tape?

Double sided tape tends to be a faff to use when it comes to pealing the backing off and it’s a real pain in the nether regions when you want it to come apart. You usually end up scraping away at the surface trying to get the adhesive off.

Here is a tip I learnt recently watching You Tube videos. Not ones of railway stuff, building guitars actually, but I enjoy watching craftsmanship happening and, as this proves, you can learn something useful.

Things you will need are: –

  • Masking Tape. Ordinary white, painters blue or, as in this case, Tamiya model tape does well.
  • Superglue: Nothing fancy, the ordinary cooking varieties work fine.
  • Superglue accelerator/activator spray. Mine is RS brand but its not important other than it being a spray.

Now, I happened to have all of those, so I know what they do but for the uninitiated some explanation is probably worthwhile. The experience modeller can have a snooze for a few moments. The tape is any low tack tape that is meant to be removed, typically referred to as masking tape. Superglue, officially cyanoacrylate glue, comes in many varieties with different claims to the different things it sticks and its sticking time. The bog standard cheap stuff works for this trick. I used a posh one as it was what was on the desk and its properties are such that the sprays effect is reduced. Accelerator/Activator is a spray that speeds the setting of the superglue when it comes into contact with the glue.

So, the trick…

Wanting to put the buffer beam on this chassis temporarily but be able to remove it later this is the plan.

  • Apply tape to both parts and make sure you press it down well. Also make sure there are no wrinkles in it.
  • Apply superglue sparingly to one part. I did the black chassis.
  • Apply activator to the other part

  • Press the two together. This one has a hole to line up so I stuck a screw in it to align them.
  • Hold together just for a moment

That’s it. The two parts are aligned and stuck together and as its over a reasonably large surface area they’ll stay put. When you need them apart you pull and the tape peels off one part or the other and you can then peal it off the other part just like easy peel tape.


In this example I did the same to add the cosmetic 3D printed buffer beam to my large scale diesel chassis.

More on the diesel later

Thanks to Ben at Crimson Guitars for this tip



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