This page features all our track, rail and related products or a link to them if they warrant a page of their own.  You won't find PECO track listed here as part of returning to our roots of supplying items you can't get elsewhere we have stopped stocking it as it is commonly available.

SHIPPING.   You do need to be aware that shipping track and rail is awkward and expensive. Recent restrictions on parcel size have made it even more difficult.  Orders for track will incur and additional shipping charge. This is all explained here   shipping

Please Note:   As of June 2018 Lengths of Flex Track we stock will be mail order only and not available at shows even if pre-ordered.

A change of vehicle, damage to the stock carrying it to shows and a revue of how much (little!) track we actually sell as shows has resulted in the decision not to take it with us. For now Turnouts will go to the show pending a revue of whats on the sales boards


Micro Engineering

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H0n3 Track & Turnouts 


H0n3 track is supplied in six yard bundles. (We do not split bundles)

10-116 Non Weathered H0n3 Flex Track Code 55 £25.00
10-114 Non Weathered H0n3 Flex Track Code 70 £28.80
12-116 Weathered H0n3 Flex Track  Code 55 £27.00
12-114 Weathered H0n3 Flex Track Code 70  £29.50
15-105 H0n3 Code 70 Left Hand #6 turnout  Code 70  £19.50
15-106 H0n3 Code 70 Right Hand #6 turnout   Code 70  £19.50
H0n3 Track & Turnouts
SL1551 Peco H0n3 Right Hand Turnout Code 70 £17.00
SL1552 Peco H0n3 Left Hand Turnout Code 70 £17.00

Once the Peco H0n3 is sold out it isn't being replaced

ProTraxx H0n3 Snap Track System 

Blackstone Models has designed the first pieces of a complete track system specifically for HOn3.  While this track is being designed and manufactured by Blackstone Models, we've chosen to design our system around the familiar Kato UniJoiner for a simple-to-put-together, reliable track system than can be enjoyed and appreciated by beginners or seasoned modelers alike.  Our friends at Kato have proven over the years that their UniJoiner is both robust and electrically reliable.

The first pieces to be released include 228mm (approximately 9") straight sections and 480mm (approximately 19") radius curved sections.  Each piece will have one UniJoiner at each end.  Ties have been textured, painted and scaled appropriately for HOn3.  The rail is code 70 nickel-silver.  This is just the initial stage in developing a complete system; we expect to announce the first switches a bit later in the year. 

The straight sections and curved sections will be packaged in sets of four pieces.  Four packages of curved pieces (4 in a pkg.) results in a 360-degree circle.  We'll also offer a Starter Set that includes 16 pieces of 480mm radius curved sections, 4 pieces of 228mm Straight Sections and one Power Joiner with 3 feet of wire.

Part Number Description Price Order
B500100 4-Pack, 228mm (9") Straight Sections £16 Sold Out
B500200 4-Pack, 480mm (19") Radius Curved Sections £16 sold Out
B500900 Starter Set, 4 Straight Sections, 16 Curved Sections £75 Sold Out

0n30 Track & Turnouts 


0n30 track is supplied in six yard bundles. (We do not split bundles)

10-138 Non Weathered 0n30 Flex Track Code 83
10-140 Non Weathered 0n30 Flex Track Code 70
12.136  Weathered 0n30 Flex Track  (whilst stocks last) Code 100 £25.00
12-138 Weathered 0n30 Flex Track Code 83 £48.00
12-140 Weathered 0n30 Flex Track Code 70 £48.00
14-403 0n30 Code 83 Left Hand #5 turnout Code 83 £24.50
14-404 0n30 Code 83 Right Hand #5 turnout Code 83 £24.50
14-453 0n30 Code 70 Left Hand #5 turnout Code 70 £24.50
14-454 0n30 Code 70 Right Hand #5 turnout Code 70 £24.50


PSC 0n2 Track

4983 0n2 Code 70 Flexible Track - 4 yards £18.80 Sold Out
0n3 Flex Track and Turnouts
5006 0n3 Right Hand #6 Code 100 Turnout £24.00
5007 0n3 Left Hand #6 Code 100 Turnout £24.00
Flex Track
5003 0n3 Code 100 Flex Track  [Pack of 4m] £24.00
5004 0n3 Code 100 Flex Track  [Box of 25m] £140.00


Nickel Silver Rail


Rail is supplied as 12 off 18" lengths


Code 148 Weathered Rail

Code 148




Code 125 Weathered Rail

Code 125




Code 100 Weathered Rail

Code 100




Code 83 Weathered Rail

Code 83




Code 70 Weathered Rail

Code 70



Code 55 Weathered Rail

Code 55




Code 40 Weathered Rail

Code 40



Rail is supplied as 12 off 18" lengths


Code 148 Bright Rail

Code 148


Code 125 Bright Rail

Code 125




Code 100 Bright Rail

Code 100




Code 83 Bright Rail

Code 83



Code 70 Bright Rail

Code 70



Code 55 Bright Rail

Code 55



Code 40 Bright Rail

Code 40




Track Spikes


Part No


Length (Imperial

Length (metric)

Quantity in Pack




Medium Spikes






Small Spikes






Micro Spikes





  Asked to order a bridge for a customer I got a small selection to see if there was any interest. If these sell then its likely I'll increase the range stocked
ME 75-505

Open Deck Girder Bridge 85' HO

  • Easy to Assemble, Injection Moulded pre coloured Styrene kit

  • Superb detail including internal braces, bridge plates and rivet detail

ME 75-507

Ballasted Deck Girder Bridge 50' HO

  • Easy to Assemble, Injection Moulded pre coloured Styrene kit

  • Superb detail including internal braces, bridge plates and rivet detail

  • HO Code 83 bridge flex track included


ME 75-522

Thru Girder Bridge - 100' two span - single track HO

ME 75-551

Tall Steel Viaduct- 210 Low Bridge- with bents and bridge track

  These Units now have their own page.

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