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The Heisler is due early in 2012.

Prices are an estimate and are subject to change by the manufacturer.

We will do our best to hold the prices shown

Order now and your card is not charged until the model is available and we will check you still want the model


The Stearns-Heisler continues our collection of geared steam locomotives along with our On30 Shay and Climax. This 14-ton two-truck engine was an early Heisler, manufactured from the late 1890s. Bachmann has delivered a DCC-equipped model with all the fine detailing you expect in our Spectrum® line, along with 16-bit Tsunami® plug-and-play sound capability.

• DCC-equipped for speed, direction, and lighting control
• die-cast construction
• all-wheel drive
• heavy-duty universals and driveshafts
• prototypically powered trucks and gearboxes
• constant soft white LED lighting
• blackened brass handrails and piping
• E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers


Cat No Description List Price Our Price Order
28801 Colorado Mining £279.25 £225.00
28802 Painted Unlettered - Black £279.25 £225.00
28803 Painted Unlettered - Black with white pinstripes and running boards £279.25 £225.00
28804 Painted Unlettered - Black with red windows, white running board stripes and white tyres £279.25 £225.00
28805 Greenbrier and Big Run Lumber Company £279.25 £225.00
28806 Midwest Quarry and Mining Co £279.25 £225.00
44953 Tsunami Plug and Play Sound Module for the Heisler £79.25 £67.50
  Please note these models were delivered into the USA in January but were assessed as unsatisfactory and were returned to China for rectification. It is believd that the drive train is being extensively redesigned.  Latest estrimates for delivery are a vague "before Christmas". Due to the delay the price also cannot be guaranteed.
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