Model Reservations - Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions relate to the reservations of models ordered from EDM models in advance of the model being available from the manufacturer.

I don't really like having to lay down T&C's but one or two people trying to pull a fast one has resulted in this document being produced. Please don't order models unless you really want them


  • Your reservation is placed with a deposit paid to EDM Models.
  • The size of the deposit may vary from project to project. The amount will be noted on the project web page or order form.
  • Your deposit is held until we have either a confirmed or standby reservation for your model
  • Your deposit is held in a reserve account until the models are delivered
  • Deposits on confirmed reservations are non refundable.
  • Deposits on standby reservations will be returned if the reservation cannot be fulfilled. [see below for details]
  • Your deposit will be returned should the project be cancelled by the manufacturer.
  • If you place the reservation via our website the shopping cart will add the standard postage charge to the total. This will not be charged to your card. It will be removed before the payment is processed.

The deposit is really about deterring time wasters so to a genuine modeller it isn't really a problem to you. For me a number of last minute "no, I have changed my mind" responses to requests for payments can be a real problem when ordering lots of expensive models. We are not heartless though so we will listen to sob stories and if you come up with a good one you may be able to cancel and get your deposit back late in the day.

Your Reservations

  • Initially we order a batch of models from a manufacturer and receive confirmed reservations for these.
  • When you order we will allocate one of these models to your order.
  • Once our initial order is used up we will add your model to our order with the manufacturer and confirm your order when we receive confirmation from them.
  • Once a project is fully subscribed we, and the manufacturer, will offer "standby reservations". Your reservation will be held on file and then filled if a model becomes available. This often happens as dealers reserve engines and then don't claim their full allocation.
  • It the model of your choice only available as a standby reservation we will discuss alternatives with you.
  • If we take your order as a standby reservation and cannot fill the order we will return your deposit.

The background here is that whilst we order a number of models based on reservations and our estimate of what we might sell we cannot afford to lay in massive stocks. The manufacturer has to commit to production numbers many months in advance of delivery so between that date and delivery they are selling a finite number of available models. The very nature of the models to which we apply the deposit scheme means that the production quantities aren't massive so there is the risk you won't get the model you want if you leave it to the last minute.


UK Price

  • The webpage or order form for each model will display the projected UK sale price.
  • This price will be referred to as the estimated price and is not binding.
  • Whilst it is our intention to hold to the estimated price these models are often ordered in advance and from overseas and are therefore susceptible to changes in exchange rates and duty.
  • If affected by changes we will have to pass on the change to customers. We will endeavor to minimise the impact of this and should it work in our favour we will pass on the benefit to our customers.

Estimating the price can be a real nightmare. In estimating it you are guessing what the exchange rate, duty rates, VAT rates, interest rates, shipping rates and government policy are going to be when they are delivered. There's suits in glass towers make a living guessing those things and when they guess wrong their cock up becomes a self fulfilling prophecy which is why the economy is in the state its in now.

I do my best at estimating prices. Sometimes the final price is a bit more sometimes its less. If its turns out to be less than I guessed I pass it on to you. I do not pay myself a million pound bonus whether I get it right or not.


UK Delivery

  • Our target price does not include delivery in the UK.
  • If you arrange to collect at a show you won't be charged carriage with the final payment provided you have told us you are collecting it prior to use taking the final payment.
  • Typically, we will ship large valuable items using our preferred next day carrier on and insured service. This will require a signature at the receiving end.

International Delivery

  • International deliveries are shipped by a tracked and insured service using UPS/Parcel Force/APC.
  • This can be quite expensive. For example the K27's to Europe cost around 35 to ship

Shipping has been the bane of my business. At last I think I have achieved a balance that gives good service for a decent price without my having to spend hours queuing behind the little old ladies collecting their pensions in the post office. At the time or typing this anything to the UK with ship with the APC network, They collect from me at a set time, deliver to you next day, send you and me e-mails regarding progress all for a reasonable fee. International its likely to be UPS as they offer the same service but internationally. Small stuff still goes from the Post Office but that wouldn't be the sort of stuff with a deposit on it


Final Payment

  • The balance on the purchase price is payable prior to delivery.
  • The usual process is that we will receive notice from the manufacturer that the models are ready and that payment is due. At this stage we will require the balance of the payment for the model
  • Customers paying by card will have their card charged at this stage.
  • Customers with out of date cards will be contacted for new details.
  • Customers paying by cheque will be contacted for a cheque to cover the balance.
  • Customers failing to pay don't get a model and they don't get their deposit back

Progress Updates

  • Please subscribe to our electronic newsletter.
  • This is now the only way we will communicate project progress
  • We will not respond to individual e-mail requests for progress news

I am sorry but we have had to introduce this policy but after answering a succession of "where's my XY or Z" e-mails and phone calls we found I found I was getting nothing done. EDM Models is just me, if I am answering phones and e-mails I am not making the bits or packing the orders you are probably phoning about.  The answer to why haven't you sent my XYZ is probably "because I was on the damned phone!